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Our methodology has been honed over the last two decades. While the art of the search is critical, our disciplined approach ensures candidates are qualified, clients have the information they need to make the right hiring decisions, and searches are completed on time. We also provide regular, structured progress reports to ensure search accuracy and effective use of client time.

Define Requirements

Scope Requirements.The first step in our results-oriented search process is to work with your organization to develop a clear, meaningful, and attractive position specification that will honestly convey the requirements, experience and credentials the role requires and the opportunity it presents.

Define Criteria. After defining the role, we identify core competencies required for success in the position. We then develop assessment criteria for each competency to allow for objective measurement of the skills needed to sustain and/or elevate performance in the role at hand.

Develop Strategy. Based on the role and type of candidate the client is seeking, we develop a multi-phase outreach strategy that intersects industry, function, geography, and experience level. By iterating this strategy with the client, we ensure search accuracy from Day 1.

Our Team

We are as proud of our own team as the ones we build for our clients.

Our Network

Leveraging relationships across the Fortune 1000 and around the world.

Our Approach

Our disciplined methodology, honed over the last two decades.