Executive Search | Approach

Our methodology has been honed over the last two decades. While the art of the search is critical, our disciplined approach ensures candidates are qualified, clients have the information they need to make the right hiring decisions, and searches are completed on time. We also provide regular, structured progress reports to ensure search accuracy and effective use of client time.

Select Finalist & On-Board

Short-List Candidates. As part of our well-structured client interview days, we manage “scorecarding” sessions with all stakeholders to drive objective side-by-side candidate comparisons. These collaborative efforts help differentiate merely adequate candidates from exceptional ones.

Select Finalist. Once our client has expressed interest in an individual, we then conduct research to further verify candidate background information and qualifications. Our confidential referencing process also ensures clients do not make hiring mistakes that could adversely affect their business.

Facilitate Acceptance. Our assistance with the offer process helps clients yield the acceptances they want and avoids misunderstandings at this critical communication stage. Following acceptance, we maintain contact with the client and the placement to ensure smooth transitions for all involved.

Our Team

We are as proud of our own team as the ones we build for our clients.

Our Network

Leveraging relationships across the Fortune 1000 and around the world.

Our Approach

Our disciplined methodology, honed over the last two decades.